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NC IUL is a centre for scientific study devoted to education, medical research and environment-friendly technology.

The University gives wide scope to research activities which are the lifeblood of an academic institution and which are essential to its future development. Ever since its foundation, the university has committed itself to improving its research activities, and has now reached a high level of excellence in the fields of Engineering and Medical Science.

This can be seen in our recent subscription to the EBSCO Data Bank and the opening on campus of research laboratories for engineering and medical science that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. We are also committed to the internationalisation of research, and have created facilities to access research activities at a European and international level, thus making a valuable addition to our standard university research programme.



Our new Engineering Faculty Research Laboratory is located on our Campus in Rome, and is an essential educational tool for our students who wish to pursue a career in engineering. The laboratory facilities can be also accessed on-line by students living in other parts of the world.

Students can use the laboratory as a learning aid or for experiments connected with their degree thesis; a teacher is always present and offers his  on-line assistance for students’ projects. The laboratory is equipped with machinery for carrying out applied research and the faculty collaborates with industries which are interested in innovation and improving their competitiveness. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities can be used for different research purposes simultaneously, and we are constantly updating them in line with other European research centres and industrial partners.



Green Vehicles – HIQUAD electric vehicle enhanced performance and integration into the transport system and the grid, in collaboration with Honda and other manufacturers.

The university has initiated a project for the development of electric power-trains, in partnership with other investors in the research and development of new sustainable technologies. The aim is to create a new high-tech environment-friendly road vehicle that can cover short distances at minimum expense and minimum environmental impact: this is the Hi-Quad.

It is designed to be a roadworthy four-wheel drive vehicle with a low-consumption low- emission hybrid engine, built with new materials, comfortable and in compliance with all road safety standards, and which does not pollute the ecosystem. The Hi-Quad project is designed to encourage the public to use environment-friendly transport, and the researchers involved are developing improvements in its design and function in order to reduce the costs of production.
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Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research of NC IUL and Long Q-T Syndrome

The Foundation for Scientific and Medical Research of NC IUL is dedicated to medical and diagnostic research into rare diseases and their cure.
Since July 2012 the Foundation has supported and funded research into Long Q-T syndrome at Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital of Rome (BHPH), administered by the Holy See (this the largest paediatric hospital and research centre in Europe);

This syndrome is a genetic arrhythmic heart dysfunction which manifests itself in a lengthening of the Q-T interval (ventricular re-polarisation) on an electrocardiogram, which can lead to arrhythmic states that are potentially life-threatening.
So far a total of fourteen genes have been identified as contributing to the disorder.
The aim of researchers is to modify the genes responsible for LQTS and thus provide a cure for the disease.
The Foundation has set up a medical research centre on the Rome university campus, with a laboratory for biomedical research, and has made large-scale investments in human resources and state-of-the-art technology.