The MA International Relations programme offers the unique opportunity to study a wide range of theories and approaches to International Relations, develop skills of in-depth and critical analysis of international politics, and become familiar with the latest research in the area, in a multi-disciplinary context.

Entry requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree in a relevant subject, or overseas equivalent qualification.
  •  IELTS standard requirements for non-native English speakers
  • If you do not meet language or scholarly requirements, it might be possible for you to undertake foundation or pre-sessional programmes that will prepare you for the Master’s programme. For more information, please contact the Admissions Office.

Learning outcomes

Graduates will gain a combination of practical and theoretical skills in the discipline of International
Relations. The degree provides an in-depth appreciation of the different schools of thought and paradigmatic approaches in the field of International Relations within the historical context. Graduates will develop their written and oral expression, communication, and presentation skills in English.

Professional profiles:

This course will provide students with a number of key skills and sound knowledge that will prepare them for their future career in a variety of different fields. The degree leads to careers in roles where clear thinking and a deep understanding of contemporary events are required, including government, international organisations, international business, non-governmental organisations, finance, public affairs and the media, as well as to doctoral research.

The course prepares students for the following professions:

  • Diplomat
  • Journalist
  • Banker, Investment/Corporate Finance
  • Marketing Manager
  • Risk Analyst
  • Administrator
EXAM SSD Credits
Master’s first year
Sociology of economic and labor SPS/09 9
International relations SPS/06 9
International Economy SECS-P/01 9
History and Institutions of Asia SPS/14 9
Constitutional comparative law of groups and minorities IUS/21 9
one choice of three
– Knowledge Management
– History of Islamic countries 
– American History and Institutions
Elective course 9
Total credits 60
Master’s second year
One choice of four
– English Language and translation
– Chinese language and culture
– French language and translation
– Arabic language e culture
One choice of two
History of Islamic Countries
American History and Institutions
Economic and Political Geography (Monographic Course) M-GGR/02 9
European Union Law IUS/14 9
Political science SPS/04 9
Internship 2
Final Examination 16
Total credits 60