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Bachelor's Degree

Master’s Degrees

The online Master’s Degrees programs offered at NC IUL prepares students to advance their careers through a combination of theoretical and practical activities as well as vocational skills. We offer online courses that are programmed to sharpen skills and further enhance knowledge to make you masters in your field of work. We help you earn a respected and accredited degree course that will be internationally recognized through our Masters Courses that are designed to benefit your personal and professional goals.

Learn from our vibrant and highly-qualified faculty who has the technical know-how, the theoretical expertise and the drive to make each student excel and attain their purpose. You will learn from instructors who are specifically trained to teach online. Likewise, you will be studying alongside career-minded students who come from different backgrounds, allowing you to share and accumulate information to help in your learning process. Our online masters degree programs are the perfect solutions to boost your chances of landing better work opportunities.

The Master of Science programs by NC IUL last two years which are focused in various fields of study in economics, psychology, law, engineering and political science. Upon completion of our masters programmes, you will be a more efficient and highly-qualified professional who is ready to tackle bigger responsibilities at work. You will be a master of your technical skills and utilize them together with essential qualities to fulfill the need for skillful and deeply informed workers.

Even for advanced degrees, admission to our masters degree online courses requires the following:

  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree;
  • Any curricular requirements which are different from course to course;
  • A certain number of credits in specific scientific areas which also vary according to the individual courses.

At the end of each course, all students are expected to take the necessary exams and / or end-stage and / or supplementary activities, as determined by the individual training in order to obtain your Master of Science degree.