Political science and International Relations Degree

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BA(h) Political Science and International Relation

Entry requirements

  • 1) British school leaving qualification (A-levels/International Baccalaureate) or equivalent overseas qualification
  • 2) IELTS standard requirements for non-native English speakers
  • 3) We consider direct entry

Learning outcomes

Graduates will have a sound knowledge of the multidisciplinary patterns underlying the study of international issues. By using their ability to analyse social, scientific, and ethical issues, they should be capable of interrelating data to make original interpretations of social problems.

Students will leave with the ability to understand and use the English language with precision, both orally and in writing, in relation to a wide range of disciplines, such as Politics, Economics, Law, and History, with the ability to analyse complex issues and present arguments clearly and effectively.

Graduates will develop a range of other pervasive skills, including: making relevant use of numerical and statistical information, conducting electronic research and appropriate use of the internet to locate relevant information, producing work which is presented and formatted using standard software packages, and working co-operatively and professionally with others.

Graduates will develop an appropriate level of interpretative and learning skills, which will give them the basis to continue their studies with a Postgraduate Degree in the same or related disciplines.

Professional profiles:

The Course prepares students to work in several different fields, including government (Ministries of Defence and Foreign Affairs in the UK and abroad), academia, journalism, banking, research and policy think-tanks, humanitarian and international organisations.

The course prepares students for the following professions:

  • Account Executive in both public and private sector
  • Army Officer
  • Consultant for banks, insurance companies, or other public or private organisations
  • Defence Analyst
  • Parliamentary Assistant
EXAM SSD Credits
First Year
Public law IUS/09 10
English language L-LIN/12 12
Private law IUS/01 8
Political economics SECS-P/01 10
Economic and political geography MGGR/02 10
Political philosophy SPS/01 10
Total credits 60
Second year
History of political thought SPS/02 8
Comparative constitutional law IUS/21 8
Informatics 8
Sociology SPS/07 6
Political sociology SPS/11 6
Contemporary history M-STO/04 8
Statistics SECS-S/01 8
Elective course 8
Total credits 60
Third year
Economic policy SECS-P/02 8
History of international relations SPS/06 10
Spanish L-LIN/07 8
European Neighborhood Policy IUS/13 8
African history and institutions SPS/13 8
Elective course 8
Graduation thesis 10
Total credits 60


Elective courses
Political science SPS/04 8
History of eastern Europe M-STO/03 8
Applied geography MGGR/02 8
Sociology of middle eastern political phenomena SPS/11 8
European Neighborhood Policy IUS/13 8
International commercial law IUS/04 8