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BA(h) Business Administration and Management

The three-year Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management will enable students to develop a deep understanding of business organisations, allowing them to study a wide range of business practices, including marketing, finance, human resources, and legislation which will assist them in understanding the regulatory framework within the business activity’s setting.

Entry requirements

  • 1) British school leaving qualification (A-levels/International Baccalaureate) or equivalent overseas qualification
  • 2) IELTS standard requirements for non-native English speakers
  • 3) We consider direct entry

Learning outcomes

The BA(h) Business Administration and Management will provide students with an essential knowledge of business administration, economics, law, and mathematical statistics in order to enable them to apply this knowledge to the dynamics of business activities.

An essential feature of the syllabus is the interaction between education and the industry to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge, meaning that no matter what you go on to after graduating, you will leave University with a degree that is current, relevant, and in sync with the latest developments in the business and financial industries.

Students will leave with the ability to understand and use the English language with precision, both orally and in writing, in relation to economic issues, in order to make effective oral and written presentations which are coherent and comprehensible.

Graduates will develop a range of other pervasive skills, including: making relevant use of numerical and statistical information, conducting electronic research and appropriate use of the internet to locate relevant information, producing work which is presented and formatted using standard software packages, and working co-operatively and professionally with others.

Professional profiles:

Graduates in Business Administration and Management can work in many professional fields, including, but not limited to: administration, accounting, human resources, and management. The skills students will learn will give them the necessary expertise to act as a business consultants in a number of different sectors and financial markets, to assist and advise clients in the financial and commercial services or to work as employees in banks, and top level insurance and financial service companies.

The course prepares students for the following professions:

  • Specialists in accounting
  • Specialists in public administration management
  • Specialists in management and supervision of private organizations
  • Specialists in human resource management
  • Specialists in business administration
EXAM SSD Credits
First Year
Business economics SECS-P/07 9
Economics SECS-P/01 9
Statistics SECS-S/01 6
Private law IUS/01 9
Public law IUS/09 9
Mathematics for economics SECS-S/06 9
Economic history SECS-P/12 9
Total credits 60
Second year
Accounting and financial reporting I SECS-P/07 9
Theory of Banking and Finance SECS-P/11 9
Business Management SECS-P/08 9
Financial mathematics SECS-S/06 9
Economic Policy SECS-P/02 9
Commercial Law IUS/04 6
Labour Law IUS/07 9
Total credits 60
Third Year
Tax Law IUS/12 9
Public economics SECS-P/03 6
Public management SECS-P/07 9
Organisational behaviour SECS-P/10 6
Computer Science 4
English language 6
Elective course 1 6
Elective course 2 6
Internship and work placement 4
Graduation Thesis 4
Total credits 60


Elective courses
EXAM SSD Credits
Quality management SECS P/13 9
Administrative and educational legislation IUS/10 9
International accounting standards SECS-P/07 9
Geography development M-GGR/02 9
Economic policy – Advanced class IUS/12 9