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Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor’s Degrees

Investing in an education that will lead you to fulfill your dreams is possible with the help of NC IUL. We offer various online Bachelor’s Degrees programs which are developed in such a manner that students will have a full understanding of a certain field of study. At the completion of the requirements of the course and the passing of the final exam, we award you the title of doctor. You can then use your bachelor degree specialization on your way to finding success.

Our online undergraduate courses here in NC IUL are programmed to provide each and every student the chance to broaden their knowledge and sharpen their skills in both theoretical and practical areas in their chosen field. We offer degree courses in economics, law, psychology, engineering, political science, and pedagogy which are condensed into three years of study instead of the traditional, four, five or more years. You will be followed by professionals who are experts in their field to ensure excellence training and unprecedented quality results. These short bachelor online courses will pave the way for students to acquire theoretical knowledge, methodological tools and the competitive skills that will make you proficient in the workplace.

Our programs are well-planned in order that we produce graduates who are developed wholesomely, thanks to the comprehensive teaching and dynamic learning methods that include theoretical teaching, internships, hands-on activities and linguistic learning. Our career-oriented online bachelor degree courses will prepare you to be globally competitive, becoming an important asset to the company. This is because it is our mission to hone our students to become role models who are fully aware of their capability and can handle the roles of responsibility at work.

In order to be accepted for Italian undergraduate courses in our university, all students must be in possession of:

  • a high school diploma;
  • an equivalent qualification obtained abroad is required;
  • any capacity and basic knowledge of the functional path of studies to be undertaken.

Enroll now at NC IUL and enjoy the many benefits of studying with us!