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NC Italian University London,  offers world-class online university courses to those who desire for online learning opportunities and classroom lessons at the NC IUL London Campus that will help in further enhancing intellectual interests and skills. We provide you a practical and ideal solution that makes it far more convenient to obtain a degree without leaving your home or giving up your job. Our degree programs are likewise perfect for those who wish to further specialize in a particular field without compromising career or business activities.

Wherever you are in the world, you can complete college courses by following our interactive and dynamic degree programs through a highly-effective platform that combines lecture courses, internships, and practical and vocational activities to make e-learning a positive and dynamic experience. Here at NC IUL, we help you obtain a valid degree by providing you various necessary tools as well as the presence of highly professional, qualified and experienced tutors and teachers for every subject.

Following our online and offline university courses prepares you for the real world. We form you into highly efficient and skilled professionals who are capable of producing quality results while working in either the public or private sector. Taking college courses online with NC IUL is going to be a dynamic learning experience as classes are completed in highly communicative virtual learning environments where students have regular interaction with tutors and fellow students.
You can choose from our various degree courses focused in three different fields of specialization, namely, Economics, Psychology, and Political Sciences. Along with the formation and learning sessions, students are expected to take exams and/or end-stage and/or supplementary activities as a means of assessment of the level of knowledge as determined by the individual training. At the completion of all the prerequisites of the course, students will obtain their bachelor’s degree.

Our university is located in the UK but students have the prerogative to take their online and offline degree courses following the Italian study method. All students of any nationality are welcome to apply but a good command of the English language is necessary as classes and exams are conducted in English. See the list of degree programs we offer here at NC Italian University London and be prepared to study and specialize in one of the best universities.

Our University Courses: