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ECTS Credit Transfer

NC IUL implements the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) following the guidelines established by the European Commission. The ECTS recognizes studies that were completed within Universities in Europe  and through it, students can make use of their ECTS credits to make it easier to transfer their education from one country to another while completing a degree.

Basing on the learning achievements and workload of a specific course, students can transfer their ECTS points from different universities. In short, if you have started your degree in another institution and wish to complete it with NC IUL, we take your ECTS points and add them up to contribute to your programme.

With the ECTS, students can control their study pace, based on their individual needs and schedule availabilities in following the course. We respect the fact that a lot of students nowadays hold jobs to support their education, as well as other financial needs. Following the ECTS credits conversion, we make life easier for our students to obtain their degree, evening up the differences among national systems that can hamper the recognition of educational qualifications from other countries.

With this, we warmly welcome all our future students who wish to enrol in our online learning programs.