Distance Learning and Online Education

Niccolò Cusano University is founded on the belief that “the way young people are learning is changing”, and this idea lies behind our constant innovation in our teaching methods.

We combine high-quality traditional teaching with a new e-learning approach, and students can explore these two different ways of teaching according to their own particular requirements.

We have adopted this modern solution, a mixture of physical and virtual learning experiences, not only to spread the knowledge in a way that best suits the younger generation, but also to give our students an ‘on-line’ expertise which can be of great use to them in finding a professional position once they have graduated.

On line lessons:

The great versatility of NC IUL means that students can access all the lectures related to each and every module, on the University e-learning platform, simply by logging in.

After the enrolment our students receive a password that allows the access to their own multimedia platform, where they can view all the lectures 24/7 for how many times they need.

Every module consists of:

  • Video lectures, in which the lecturer explains the subject
  • Slides and class-notes
  • Self-assessment tests
  • Textbooks

Students’ presence on the on-line platform it’s tracked, and it is taken into consideration during the examinations.

Students can also use forums, chat-rooms and e-mail to interact with lecturers, student assistants, and other students, in order to ask for explanations, or go into further details on specific matters.

The relationship between the students and the teachers has always played a central role at NC IUL, and from the beginning, we have provided students with their own learning assistant; students assistant are member of the academic staff whose role is to provide close contact with the university, to respond to the students’ needs and to give them active support in their course of study.