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Teaching & Learning

NC IUL  was founded to address the changing learning needs of the student.
The way we learn and study has dramatically changed over the past years and the NC IUL  innovative teaching methods address the needs of the modern students.

NC IUL  uses the latest technology to support its teaching methods. Students can learn at their own pace and can attend classes and monitor their progress through the NC IUL  e-platform that is easily accessible via ordinary devices connected to the internet.

Once enrolled on the chosen courses, students can access all lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and as many times as required. Lessons are available different formats to cater different students studying preferences; are available in the format of videos (recordings and video-conferencing), Power point slides, downloadable materials, and self-assessment tests.

The platform also provides students with forums, chat rooms, and other facilities to facilitate the interaction among each other, tutors, and lecturers.


Each student is matched with a tutor there to help them to reach their full potential and to support them, whatever their situation is. Tutors are academic members of staff whose functions are to provide close contact with the University and to respond to the students’ needs whenever required.

NC IUL’s educational system offers young people the opportunity to cope with their busy schedules while engaged in a full university education and its activities.

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