How to Improve Study Habits with the Pomodoro Method

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How to Improve Study Habits with the Pomodoro Method

Now, I know you might be asking yourself “what on earth do tomatoes have to do with studying?” And I completely get it. The pomodoro method does not sound like your typical method for studying. That’s because it isn’t, the pomodoro technique is in fact the most efficient way to improve your study habits and your grades.
Let me explain how it works: it starts with a simple pomodoro kitchen timer. The goal of this technique is to help you create a balance between your study time and your break time. It was created by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, and has since been used by students around the world as an efficient and effective method to improve study habits. The only tool necessary for this method is a simple kitchen timer that rings every 25 minutes.
First you must decide which subject you are going to study. Always start with exams that are next on your schedule or the most important ones. Set the timer for 25 minutes. When you are ready to start studying, start the timer and get to work. Of course, not everyone studies at the same pace. It is important that you take your time and not to rush. Keep a record of every time you get distracted. When you get distracted and start thinking about something else, write it down on a piece of paper then get straight back to work. Also, try to finish the first task before moving on to the second one. Only move on when you are sure you have acquired the necessary information. When the timer rings, take look at how many times you got distracted while working: if it was less than four, allow yourself a break of 5 to 10 minutes, if it was more than four, set the timer to 25 minutes again and keep working. After four rings of the timer (around one and a half hours) take a nice long break of around of 30 minutes. Then resume your studying.

The purpose of the pomodoro technique is to make sure you stay focused and that you respect your study time while allowing you to take breaks and stay fresh. For anyone who is disorganised, this method will help you stay on track and complete your studying while saving you time. With the pomodoro method, you’ll be more organised and focused and your grades are guaranteed to improve.

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