Here are the Best Degrees to Help you Find Work

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Here are the Best Degrees to Help you Find Work

Everybody wants to find their ‘dream job,’ the perfect career that can fulfil all their passions and put to good use all their skills and potential, because one thing is for sure: nobody wants to be stuck working behind a bar or flipping hamburgers for the rest of their life—unless of course you are doing it short-term to support yourself financially while you are putting yourself through school to get a decent degree! We can’t always have everything we want in this world, although we certainly should! But with the current global economic recession, and especially the unresolved Brexit crisis, people in general and particularly students are having trouble finding the right degrees that provide some good job avenues. So let’s put on our thinking hats, lay down an organized strategy because as Lau Tzu says in The Art of War if you have one you can win the battle before it even begins, and look at some of those jobs out there which are currently in high demand.
As expected, Business administration and Management is a highly popular degree that will provide extraordinary opportunities in the current thriving business scene—and also a lot of money! You will integrate all the skills needed to evolve your career in the dynamic and changing world of business administration, public administration management, economics, mathematical statistics and law. It can also direct you to a fascinating career in the most varied fields of knowledge.

If you have excellent people skills (and a heart of gold!) and you like a more ‘technical’ approach you can graduate in psychology which will open doors to work in multiple fields of industry (such as the sports/athletics world, social services, education, community, and many more). Psychology, not surprisingly, is listed among the top university courses for getting a job in the UK. Earning a Bachelor degree in psychology—another top choice for students in the UK—through an online University like Unicusano, for example, will expand your skills in the most diverse areas of education, social services and healthcare. Through an interdisciplinary approach it integrates numerous areas of expertise including pedagogical, sociological, medical, legal, technical and professional and opens careers in forensic sciences, marketing and occupational psychology.
Ranking at #3 is Education; there is a dire need for teachers in the UK and also a major shortage of the same, so here is your chance to get back at those professors who were mean to you when you were young and show them how to do the job! Over 90% of those who graduate find work as soon as they leave university, 15% pursue part-time or full-time study, and one percent go to work overseas (so this is good if you want to stay close to home without leaving friends, family and pets!). The best part about the degree subjects for getting a job in Education is that the courses offered are varied and you can choose to mix them and specialize in multiple areas.  So if you like to devour knowledge like an open book, here is your chance for a career that is as diverse as it is advantageous to further your skills, and can lead to a wide range of related professions which include curriculum designers, education psychologists/counsellors, education officers in museums, zoos or community services—but really, the sky is the limit and we could go on forever!

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